Monster Mystery Mansion

Game starts from logo animation

Then we have logo to instructions loop transition, we use dynamic text here, that why I dont have to do baked text animations :) After instructions loop we move to select character screen.

Artem danylov char select

We can select 1 from 5 characters.

Selected character wave hand and we transition to next screen with five doors, selected character help us.

You can select 1 of 5 doors, each door will display character animation with related room to specific character.

Artem danylov heirlooms

Every room can bring you up to 5 heirlooms. You cant loose in that game so you always get some points.

Zombie door video

Ghost door video

Witch door video

Werewolf door video

Every time guest find door with vampire, it will transform to bats. Guest will choose one of five bats to earn more points.

"Thank you" loop. Dynamic text will be added via code.

Kiosk Promo – 3 Play Days w/ 1 bounce back redemption day
• Pick Character out of 5 characters (Available Characters: Vampire, Wolf-man, ghost, Witch, zombie)
• Pick a Room one out of 5 Rooms (Available rooms: Cloak Room, Gallery, Dungeon, Laboratory, and Crypt)
• If you pick the room with the crypt you play another pick and reveal
• Pick a Bat and claim his treasure
• 6 Bats to choose from each hiding a treasure worth misc. heirlooms.
GOAL: To collect as many heirlooms as you can and return Tuesday for Redemption Day