Viva Vacations

Logo animation, transition to code entry screen

Artem danylov code entry screen

Code entry scree, here use enter code from physical(real life) cards.

Artem danylov code entry screen wrong

Wrong code screen

We display map animation depend on code entered. This video is for Hawaii map.

Artem danylov icons sample

Every we give points to user, user can spent points to move from point to point.

This video is for Napa map.

Artem danylov icons all

Ingame icons

This video is for New York map.

Artem danylov win pass

Every step user can win something to stay involved.

This video is for Yosemite national park map.

Artem danylov thanks you

After use finish level. Congratulation screen appear and kiosk box print player prize.

Game for "Station Casino" kiosk boxes. Game based on variations of videos.
Destination progressive kiosk game with a unique destination and vehicle of travel each week.
Week 1 – Hawaii (Plane). 2 – Napa Valley (Train). Week 3 – New York (Taxi). Week 4 – Yosemite (RV)
The goal of the game is to reach the final destination on the map for the weekend.
Guest must play each day in order to reach the aspirational prize of the weekend.